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Individuals and companies using NSWPlus.com.au to connect with service
providers should use their own judgment when dealing with any company listed
in our directory. While we attempt to provide the best professionals for
every type of job, we are unable endorse any provider or sponsor listed on
our site.

All information listed on our site comes directly from the provider,
therefore NSWPlus.com.au is does not guarantee the validity of any claims made
by providers listed in our directory. NSWPlus.com.au does not guarantee the
quality of any product or service sold by said companies, the time frame in
which the project will be completed, or your satisfaction. We cannot be held
responsible if the services provided do not meet your expectations.

Any disputes between providers and clients should be addressed directly
between both parties and not through NSWPlus.com.au. Further questions
regarding the role of NSWPlus.com.au should be directed to our customer service

Submission Guidelines:

Submitting your company information for our directory is a simple process
that can be completed in a matter of minutes. In order to provide the most
comprehensive list of providers and maintain a high level of customer
service NSWPlus.com.au requires that all submissions meet the following

• Website of the providers must be submitted to the proper category.
If your business fits into multiple categories please choose the one that
best describes the primary services offered. A full list of categories can
be viewed on the homepage.
•  All companies wishing to be listed must provide a current mailing
address along with any other pertinent contact information.
•  All website submissions must be in English or have the ability to be
translated into English.
•  Submissions must be free of pornographic, adult, and racial

NSWPlus.com.au reserves the right to deny any submissions that do not meet our
guidelines. Your site may also be rejected if it falls into one of the
following categories.

•  Any entry using excessive capitalization or improper capitalization
of the first word in a sentence or proper nouns will not be accepted due to
formatting issues.
•  Websites containing illegal material will not be accepted. Illegal
material includes but is not limited to child pornography, copyright
infringement, and libel. Links on the submitted website must also be free of
any illegal material.
•  Sites allowing pop-up adds or allowing advertising over content will
not be accepted by NSWPlus.com.au
•  Websites that are incomplete, under construction, or do not properly
function will not be accepted. Please insure that all links are in working
order before submitting your site to our directory.

If at any time the site fails to meet all the requirements listed above it
may be removed from our directory without notice. NSWPlus.com.au also reserves
the right to reclassify or modify any listing that does not comply with our


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